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Design Thinker Tracy Lindner combines logic and artistry to conceptualise meaningful digital experiences. With over two decades in tech, she's passionate about technology for good.

Helping companies and organisations to be effective and relevant in the digital economy. What do you want to do?

Create a vision

Launch a product

Build a brand

Digital transformation

Align an experience ecosystem

Strategise for a new economy

connect a community

Values-based leadership

Community oriented strategies

Build community programmes

Coordinate events

Craft a shared language

foster a culture

Empower your product team

Reinvigorate organisational brand values

Inspire customer loyalty

Retention strategies

Align a company culture


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What I do

The creatively way

A lean and user-centred approach is designed to help you understand, plan, craft, refine and promote your project - product, brand, organisation or campaign - creating value every step of the way.
The Creatively process

1. Discover

  • Design Thinking workshops

  • Problem framing

  • Purpose & Golden Circle workshops

  • Value proposition definition

  • Contextual research

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Customer & user research

  • Market analysis & competitor research

  • Persona development

  • Journey & empathy maps

  • Idea generation

2. Conceptualise

  • Product vision, conceptualisation & strategy

  • Problem framing (HMW or JTBD)

  • Opportunity risk assessment

  • Startup pitches

  • CX principles & strategy

  • Culture frameworks

  • Digital campaigns concepts

  • Digital and paper prototypes

  • Flows, routes and maps

  • Digital transformation 

  • Programme design


  • Product management

  • Team leadership

  • Project planning, roadmaps & success metrics

  • Prioritisation matrixes

  • Capacity planning

  • Startup & internship programme design

  • Loyalty programme design

  • Customer onboarding & retention strategies

  • Brand strategy & development

  • User experience strategy

  • User interface patterns & visual design

4. Optimise

  • Feedback gathering

  • Retrospectives

  • Reporting & analytics

  • Usability testing

  • "As is" audits

  • Customer surveys

Together, we’ve worked hard to build your new product or given your digital brand a facelift.

It doesn’t end there.

5. Go-to-market

It's time to launch! Together let's prep a market-led GTM strategy to bring your new product/brand to market.

  • Go-To-Market strategy

  • Marketing & advertising plan

  • Product marketing strategy

  • PR & strategic communications

  • Content marketing & SEO

  • Digital marketing campaigns

  • Website / eCommerce

  • SEO & copywriting

  • Graphic design

Hire me for your next digital project

Yael Joffe,
3X4 Genetics
Tracy brought a distinct out-the-box creative thinking to 3X4 that we didn't know we were missing until then.
She dives deeply into the work she is doing and uncovers hidden gems in the organisation. She is a delight to work, with bringing an energy and calm to all that work with her.
Claire Gregory,
Independent Media
Tracy takes a team with her, on her journey to success. Training, mentoring and learning as a collective rather than demanding output. She brings out the best in people.
Tracy would be an asset to any business - startups, corporates, SMEs - her ability to relate at any level has made her a true inspiration in the field.
Neil Blakey-Milner,
Tracy is an exemplary creative leader whose passion for brand and UX, tempered with a willingness and even eagerness to receive feedback from formal and informal stakeholders.
Beyond formal contributions, her positive and personable nature have earned Tracy much respect and many fans at Yola.
Christiane Poigné, CompuGroup Medical

Working with Tracy is a game changer. She initially joined our team to consult for brand strategy, but it became evident that she is multi-talented.

From developing and managing brand strategy over the user and customer experience to digital design, she showed her in-depth knowledge and vast experience.

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