“Painting A VISION of what is possible, inspiring teams to pursue their best ideas.”

Tracy Lindner, Standout Report, 2015

Product Strategist, Design Thinker
& Entrepreneur

Tracy Lindner is a Senior Product and Digital Strategist with expertise in digital brand, marketing, product and user experience with a personal interest in social innovation.
Industry experience in fintech, health-tech, IT, Government and publishing sectors.


A catalyst. My power lies in the ability to put two things together to create something more valuable.


I see the world as a friendly place where good things happen. Optimism in the face of uncertainty.


Persuasive. High EQ to engage people directly and inspire them to act.


I think of myself as a Creative Technologist, bringing together technology and creativity to equip organisations and brands to be effective and relevant in the digital economy.

Practically, this may involve defining digital, product, and marketing strategies plus rolling out creative for campaigns and digital products. With two decades in digital media, I have a breadth of knowledge in digital strategy, brand, product and marketing management – with a user-first philosophy at its core. My holistic approach encourages authenticity and motivates teams to create real value.


Product strategy 
Defining the vision, proposition, principles and product roadmap; prioritisation and optimisation towards aspirations

Customer experience 
Choreography of all brand touch points giving rise to positive customer experiences


User research 
Qualitative and quantitative research to understand human behavior, needs, and motivations

Marketing strategy
A well-articulated and sustainable value proposition and game plan to acquire new customers and build loyalty


Content strategy The planning, development and management of SEO-friendly content (audio, visual, and written)

Information architectureDefining the structures and relationships between information across the product or service


Visual and IX design 
The presentation and interactivity of a product, creating positive and impactful experiences

Draft sketches and prototypes to test ideas quickly. Specify the flow and behaviour of the solution

Competency areas


Browse recent work and some old favourites. Visit my portfolio.
Amakhaya Amabini
Citizen eXperience in e-Gov



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The personal and professional values that I live by.
Passion & Purpose

Passion & Purpose

Be passionate!

Be purposeful and intentional

Continual personal development

Push boundaries

Live, Life, Love!

Live, Life, Love!

Embrace life

Laugh, don’t be too serious

Love your team, your clients and yourself

Be Active

Be Active

Be the change. Inspire Action

Walk the talk

Attract people with the right attitude



Always remain positive

Yoga – EnergY and joY

Celebrate the Yays!